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Inspections of solid-fuel-burning systems  (fireplaces,  chimneys,  wood-burning stoves, central-heating systems)  are conducted for a  variety of reasons.  Typically,  they are conducted for insurance purposes,  for real estate transactions, or to investigate a  concern with the way the system is functioning.

For how long is an inspection report valid?

The nature of any inspection report is that it records what was seen at the date and time of the inspection. After completing an inspection report and leaving the premises, the inspector has no control over, nor knowledge of, any changes to a solid-fuel-burning system. Consequently, an inspection report can only warrant what was seen and recorded at the time of the inspection.

We offer WETT inspections in Nanaimo, Parksville, Ladysmith, and the surrounding areas.

WETT "Visual" Inspection


Visual Inspection

This type of inspection may be required as part of a real estate purchase, as requested by your insurer, as required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction, or as part of a Fire Code requirement. It also provides peace of mind to you prior to using the appliance.

This includes a basic inspection of a solid-fuel-burning and venting system components that are visible. It will include measurements of clearances, opening doors or dampers, and a visual inspection of the chimney from the ground. It will identify any noted deficiencies and red flags that require a more detailed inspection. It will include a final report on Wett inspection forms.





WETT "Technical" Inspection


Technical Inspection

This type of inspection may be required by the insurance company or Authority Having Jurisdiction. It can be a follow-up to the Visual inspection where further investigation was recommended. If done at the same time as level 1 it would be $200 plus $100 for a total of $300.

This inspection would include all elements of a “Visual” inspection. It would also include a hands-on inspection, which may include taking apart flue pipes, opening clean-outs, entering the attic to view additional system components, and may include accessing the chimney on the roof. The WETT inspection report will include all findings and clearly define what was able to be accessed and what not able to be inspected.

This could be required where there are concerns noted in a “Visual” inspection, or after a significant period of time where the appliance was not used. If you have replaced some components in the system, this inspection will review the system as a whole. It may also include a recommendation for an invasive review where some components are not accessible.

WETT "Invasive" Inspection

Level One Plus

Invasive Inspection
This inspection would include an invasive review of components. It may include opening walls (drywall), or other tasks that require additional construction-related skills. The extent of the inspection and its purpose should be clearly discussed with the WETT technician prior to commencing. The WETT inspection form will be provided at the end of the inspection and will include additional narratives to describe the results of the invasive work. The amount would be the cost of a level 1 at $200 plus $150 per hour and $350 being the minimum charge

We will do our best to give a time estimate of this inspection.

When concealed components identified in a “Technical” inspection require further investigation, this inspection should be completed. If there has been a chimney fire or suspected incident and there are components not accessible with a “Technical” inspection, complete an “Invasive” inspection. The corrective actions indicated in the report must be completed prior to the appliance being used again.

If your wood-burning system is not functioning properly or causing concerns such as smoke spillage, rapid creosote accumulation, etc., you should contract us.

You can also book a WETT Re-Inspection by emailing updated pictures to info@sebcogas.com
Online Reinspection Fee Is $50.00

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