Heating System Upgrades in Nanaimo, BC

Space heating in a typical home accounts for between 40 and 60 percent of your annual energy consumption. Upgrading to modern high-efficiency heating equipment can provide huge cost savings.




Natural Gas is currently 1/3 (Hydro Tier 1) to 1/4 (Hydro Tier 2)

The price of electricity, with natural gas rates now being the energy equivalent of 3.5 cents per KWH. This rate includes delivery, midstream, cost of gas and carbon tax. In comparison, electricity from BC Hydro is 9.1 cents per KWH at Tier 1 Rates, and 13.51 cents per KWH for Tier 2 Rates. This rate includes applicable rate riders.

This price discrepancy means that a natural gas furnace with electric AC is more economical to operate than a heat pump, and has the added bonus of being more affordable on average to purchase. You can compare appliances for yourself and see the savings by using FortisBC's Energy Comparison Calculator.


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