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If you're thinking of buying a wood heating appliance, or you already heat your home wtih wood, you may be one of 3 million Canadian households that appreciate the ambiance and warmth of wood heat.



Napoleon Fireplaces

  • Firebox aerodynamics allow you to open the door without drawing smoke into the room
  • ZERO GRAVITY™ glass and screen doors have precision 4 way roller system that has been proven and tested to 50 years of operation
  • ZERO GRAVITY™ glass and screen door operate independently
  • Flue damper and outside air damper close 100% when not in use to minimize heat loss
  • 10" diameter chimney allowed
  • Steel andirons in charcoal finish standard
  • Outside air control lever standard

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Blaze King Fireplaces

Blaze King Wood Stoves include catalytic technology that provides low emissions and consistent heat. Learn why a bimetal coil thermostat evens out the uneven nature of burning wood. See how combusters make your stove four times more fuel efficient than non-catalytic wood stoves.

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Pacific Energy Fireplaces

  • Reliable, durable non-catalytic technology
  • Air wash system for super clean ceramic glass
  • High-tech multi-port combustion air injection system
  • Inside and outside combustion air capable
  • Heavy plate-steel top
  • Steel Baffle and 304 Stainless Steel Insulation cover
  • Boost air for easy lighting
  • Mobile home approved
  • Single-Lever Air Control

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Jotul Fireplaces

  • Standard twin blower fans (110 cfm)
  • Jøtul Simplex™ non-catalytic clean burn system puts more heat into the room without sacrificing fuel load capacity
  • One conveniently located air control lever easily operates the entire stove
  • Retro-fittable to most factory built woodburning fireplaces
  • Proven spring-loaded door latch ­system recognized as the industry’s finest
  • Clean face look with Jøtul’s signature Gothic arch
  • Standard andirons

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More households are switching to wood for renewable energy. Wood heating has greatly changed over the past years: today's combustion systems burn far more efficiently and cleaner than ever before.

Check out our Rebates page to save more on your next Woodstove. Or, book a WETT inspection for your current wood burning system.

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