Appliance Recalls

Regency has decided to voluntarily recall and retrofit select U39 & U37 gas stoves. This decision was made immediately and out of an abundance of caution as soon as they discovered an issue with the pressure release mechanism at the back of the firebox which, under certain conditions during a delayed ignition, can result in front door glass fracture causing glass to expel forward. No serious injuries have been reported and no other products manufactured by Regency are impacted. 



Regency U37 Affected Units

Regency Model U37 with serial numbers ranging from:

13735 - 13763
31001 - 31795
221000025 - 221031745
313000001 - 313000457


Regency U39 Affected Units

Regency Model U39 with serial numbers ranging from:

41001 - 42602
223000001 - 223008520
315000001 - 315008617
315008741 - 315012548

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